Why Tuscany Villas Are the Perfect Rental for Wine Tasting Tours

by - Thursday, December 01, 2011

(View of La Sassaia, a luxury villa in Tuscany, Italy)
Like many of the world’s older interests, wine-tasting has a history and culture all its own. However, for a true enjoyment of this ancient drink, there’s nothing like a tasting tour to one of the oldest and most famous wine-making regions in the world, Tuscany. For the discerning individual or group looking for a true taste of Tuscan wine, villa rentals may be the perfect way to truly enjoy your trip.

What makes a villa so special for a wine tour, though? First of all, luxury rentals provide some of the most comfortable accommodations to be found in foreign countries, and the atmosphere of these structures is an excellent way to truly get in the mood for enjoying your drinks. The older villas in Tuscany also trend towards being sizable structures; if you’re really on a tasting tour, it would be quite a shame to be traveling by yourself. Why not take a trip with a number of your friends and their families as well? There will be plenty of fun for everyone else to enjoy while you focus on the part of the trip that interests you the most.

Tuscany villas are also a way to get much closer to the culture surrounding the creation and drinking of wine. A number of villas available for rent are located close to vineyards, and may even have one on the property currently being used in the production of wine. This offers an opportunity to see what it’s really like to grow the best fruit for wine, and the proximity to the vineyards means that you can easily afford to stick around for more than an hour or two before you need to head back. Even better, when you’re out in the countryside of a place that takes its wine as seriously as Italy does, you can talk to the locals and ask about their favorite brands. You may just find a delightful new wine to enjoy after you’ve returned home.

For the chance to see and enjoy everything to do with wine on a tasting tour to one of the world’s capitals of wine production, Tuscany villas are the ultimate destination.

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  1. Wow this villa sure looks pretty luxurious. I wish I had the money for one, even if just for a week or so!


  2. Choose the right location as well. This is an important factor to consider when renting.

  3. The luxury villa in Tuscany is splendid! I would love to take a tour there someday. I agree that it's a nice place to have a glass of wine. Wines in beccles suffolk are served in a fun and comfortable place as well. Check it out.


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