Better E-Shopping. Thank You Internet Marketing!

by - Friday, January 20, 2012

I am one of the many who find online shopping handy most of the time.  With a hectic schedule [internship, school and online work combined], there’s no much time left for me to visit boutiques downtown.  Whenever I need to get myself a new pair of shoes, a dress, a phone, sofa, kitchen utensils, customer assistance [almost everything and anything under the sun] all I have to do is to turn on my computer and do some mouse clicking --- and in a few minutes, shopping’s done!

1327087770_heart_love_computerWhat influence me to purchase a certain product?  Ads!  E-shops and e-services backed up with a reliable internet marketing strategy can definitely draw in customers.  I usually blog hop and read product reviews.  If I like what I read then it’s more likely that I will also try the product.  Without a doubt, blogs these days are powerful outlets in making products and services heard.

Aside from blogs, ad videos, ad widgets and marketing invites sent through e-mail also have a great impact when shopping over the internet.

For some weeks now, I have been pondering on ordering a new pair of winter boots as my old pair is about to retire.  It’s a blessing to see ads that come with my favorite word “sale”.  I am choosing between three pairs of winter boots now.  One is on 50% off while the other two are on 70% off the regular price tag.  Another plus on e-shopping - get to compare prices without leaving home!

How about you?  Do you e-shop a lot like I do?  Where do you get ideas about certain products?
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