Blogger Launches Its New Comment System

by - Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally.  After the very looooong wait, Blogger launches its improved comment system.  Thank you Blogger!

I am unsure about the original release date.  I’ve only noticed the new Blogger threaded comments yesterday while checking for new comments on my latest posts.  Some might have it, some might need to wait… I don’t really have a clue.

I’ve been with Blogger since 2009 and have integrated third party comment systems, experimenting so to say.  However, a few months back, I’ve decided to stick with Blogger’s own comment box no matter how outdated it’s been with high hopes that improvements will be made soon.


The change is not that much but it’s something I find really useful.  Now, one can reply to comments and reply on replies.  Yup.  That’s just it!  It’s not that huge of a deal for others but for me, an improvement is something I am always thankful for.  Who knows?  Maybe soon, Blogger will surprise us with a username with URL and e-mail form to replace the drop down menu kind-of-thing.

I’ve tested it on Firefox and Chrome and is working just fine.  I still haven’t tried it on Internet Explorer as it hangs every now and then [irritating!] but will update this post when my IE’s already in the mood to treat me right.

Have a great weekend friends!  See you around, I hope!

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  1. that's cool!!! didn't know about this until you mentioned it here...thanks for the info..i'll try the new one to see if i find it interesting too

  2. i was so happy to see this post unfortunately, it didn't appears on mine... :(


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