Custom Framed Photos for Our Kitchen

by - Monday, January 09, 2012

Though tiny and not state-of-the-art, I love our kitchen so much.  However, it feels like something is missing!  I do not have any wall decoration to make it look better.  I refuse to buy huge photos from the stores.  I want mine unique and personal.  I have this idea in mind to have some of my favorite food photos that I’ve taken myself custom framed.  Although it is quite expensive, Bebe loves my way of thinking and is ready to back me up when I have already chosen the photos I like the most.  Here are my three top picks:
BurgerHomemade burger patties!  Tasted so yummy!  Worth remembering!
White and dark chocolate mousse.  My favorite plating ever.  Love the texture, too!  Definitely is worth a spot on the wall.
White chocolate mini cups filled with peanut butter.  They’re lovely, aren’t they?

I am still in the process of choosing at least one more photo and then it’s a go!

I still haven’t been to a custom framer.  I am sure that there is one downtown.  Bebe and I will schedule a date to visit his shop to get some ideas and tips on which frames to choose and how much it might possibly cost me and Bebe. 

I so want this custom framing nyc shop that I’ve found online.  They have this massive line of lovely frames I want!  It’s sad that it’s miles away from here *sad face*.
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