Earrings - Organized. At Last!

by - Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting my things organized is a struggle.  Always.  I put things in order and a few days later, chaos comes in.  I will be fixing my wardrobe, shoe cabinet and a bunch load of other personal things during the weekend so it’s going to be a busy one ahead.  Good luck to me!

Even before the weekend arrives knocking at our door, I have already started having my earrings organized.  Oh yeah.  Now we’re talking!

It is not that complicated actually.  I just make use of my old travel medicine box and done!  I have a pair or two in the same compartment making the search a whole lot easier.


Why did not I think of this solution before?  No fuss, no muss and most importantly did not cost me anything?  Recycling at its best, yah’ bet!

I might be adding a few more pairs to my tiny collection as I see SALE everywhere this time of the year.  If so, that means I need to purchase a new travel medicine box.  A bigger one, perhaps?

Are you a very organized person?  How do you organize your personal things?  How do you keep your earrings in pairs?

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  1. ayay! organize kau...been wanting to do that...daghan lang excuses excuses maong until now way progress...great job gurl!

    I like the idea...thanks for sharing!


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