Engagement Ring - Because She’s Worth It

by - Thursday, January 12, 2012

Romantic films always make my heart melt.  I’ve seen it a million times - they meet, fall in love and when it’s most unexpected, he gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage.  Old fashioned marriage proposal with a dozen roses and a lovely diamond ring [does not have to be that expensive really]is what most women are dreaming of.  It’s more than a fairy tale coming true!

If you are looking forward to that perfect moment, isn’t it better to get her a personalized diamond ring?  If you haven’t heard the news yet, it is already possible to design engagement rings online.  All you have to do is to choose the carat weight you want, shape, clarity and size.  Create and recreate until you have created the ringdiamondrings you desire matching your budget [of course].  Exciting and uncomplicated, right?

If you’re into something expensive, you might want to check Hearts on Fire diamonds which are cut to the optical symmetry perfection.  This wow-ful diamond piece is the picture of glitter and shine and will surely make her heart skip a beat.

Here’s something that might interest you - do you know that three-stone diamond engagement rings represent the past, the present and the future?  Here are a number of three-stone online rings you might want buy for the lady who owns your heart.  They are absolutely gorgeous, promise!

The 18K Yellow Gold with White Gold Head 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring
If she prefers yellow gold over white, this one is designed for women like her.
The 18K White Gold 3 Stone Butterflies Diamond Engagement Ring
If she’s more inclined into white gold [like ehem… yours truly] this ring will fit her just right.  She’ll love it to pieces, no doubt!


The 18K White Gold 3 Stone Coeur de Clara Ashley Diamond Engagement Ring
White gold with three shimmery stones and bling all around?  That’s magnificent!

The 18K yellow Gold with platinum Head 3 Stone Petite Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring
This alluring unique piece of diamond engagement ring will make her say, “Yes!”  No worries.  You’ll get the answer you want to hear!

If you are planning for that perfect moment, how do you want it to be?  An exclusive dinner for two?  If you can afford it, will you get her the Hearts of Fire diamond ring?  Will you surprise her or will you give her the chance to choose for the ring she wants?

If you’ve already been there and done that, how has it been?  Did you surprise her?  Was the proposal something old-fashioned?

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  1. if I'll be engaged someday, I'm afraid I may ruin the moment if the guy would give me a lofty engagement ring by saying, "you could have saved the money for whatever we'll need when we settle down." So it better be not so dazzling or else I'll get into a rampage hehe.

  2. I want the White gold with three shimmery stones ring. The idea of putting blings all around this ring makes it more fabulous and elegant. I'd love to wear this kind of ring.

  3. I'd rather have colored gems. diamonds are way overpriced considering that they are more abundant that colored stones


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