Gifts: Four Pairs of Plush Slippers. Wish List Answered!

by - Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I am not only crazy when it comes to shoes.  My toes also enjoy the company of plush slippers all year round!  Before the holidays [2011], I already own five pairs, three in pink, one red and one brown.  I have them washed in the machine every now and then for hygienic purposes and because I have been so good in 2011 [I believe so], Bebe has given me four pairs as my holiday gift to make my toes even happier!  Woo hoo!

IMG_2191First on the list is Sanrio’s Kero Kero Keroppi!  Always charming with those two big eyes and the color green!

Miss Oinky is pair number two!  Actually, I already have a pair of piggy slippers [also in pink] that I’ve purchased during my 2010 Philippine vacation.  A new pair is always welcome!

My Mr. Brown Bear pair!  Aren’t they adorable?

My pair of Sleepy Rabbit Slippers!  Cuties!

My favorite?  The Sleepy Rabbit Plush!

I’ve tried all of them and they fit perfectly!  I am so happy to get not only one but four new pairs of plush slippers from Bebe!

I still haven’t put any of them to use.  They’re sleeping in their plastic bags and will use them … I do not really know when.  Maybe when my old pairs retire?

How about you?  Do you love plush slippers?  What’s your favorite pair?

Happy new year every one and all!

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