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by - Sunday, January 29, 2012

Corporate events are huge.  It is a powerful opportunity to promote your company, your products and services to clients and associates.  So whether you are organizing a trade-biz show or a business lunch/dinner party or a table debate remember to create impressive corporate invitations to get the attention of your desired guests.  First impressions --- they usually make a big impact, don’t you think?
Photo credit: rockpaperscissorsdesign.com
You might run out of ideas when creating custom designed invites.  Do not worry.  That happens to a lot of us which is why it always comes in handy to discuss your ideas with the experts.  Rock Paper Scissors Design will help you come up with designer invitations that suit your needs, event theme and budget.  Aside from the awe-inspiring boxed invitation above, this lovely Project Runaway Designer Reunion Invitation in black and pink is something I also find so catchy and interesting:
Photo credit: rockpaperscissorsdesign.com
If you are a fashion lover, I am sure that you too want one!
How about you?  What is the most breathtaking invitation you have received so far?  Are you still keeping it?

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