New Lighting Fixtures, Please

by - Saturday, January 28, 2012

With no rush and stress, we are redecorating our flat slowly but surely.  The kitchen does look better and fresher after rearranging a bunch of things.  The bathroom is more organized but still needs more fixing in the weeks to come.  Tiresome but worth it!

The hallway, living room and bedroom – redecorating is on progress.  We’ve managed to move around furniture already – here and there – and everything’s looking pretty neat.  A few more details need our attention but we’ll get there somehow.  For now, our firsts on the what-to-buy list are one wall lightning scone, two table lamps and one ceiling light.  I’ve done a little Googling around for some lightning ideas and found these lovely items:

Thomas Lighting Pendant
This simple yet elegant lightning pendant is perfect for our living room.  I love its swirled marble glass shade.  The Brushed Nickel finish of the pendant matches the shade just right. [http://www.lampclick.com/thomas-lighting.html]
Framburg Lighting Desk Lamp
Two of these will look great on our bedroom’s corner tables.  Nice, aren’t they?
Thomas Wall Lightning Scone
To match the lightning pendant for the living room, if given the chance I want one of this wall scone for our tiny hallway.  Thinking about it, a couple of these for the living room, too?  Oh how I wish I have the money to order these right now!

We are planning on changing our kitchen and bathroom lightning, too.  The ones we have are already old and boring.  A change will definitely make a whole lot of difference.

How about you?  Are you also doing some redecorating?  Is it time for you to do some furniture and decoration shopping or are you sticking with the old ones?

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  1. I love the fancy design of the light... they will make look your house great...

  2. Hi Maxi, these are great lightning fixtures. It would be nice to have any of this in our little abode.

    Anyway, thanks so much for the visit sis, I'm very sorry returning it late.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Thomas Lighting Pendant looks so sophisticated! :) i'm excited to have a flat of my own so i can start decorating haha! i wonder when will that happen as i'm still stuck with my parents! haha

  4. It was great to go through your post. The information here is very useful and informative.

  5. Awesome designs. A good interiors always adds an extra attention. Keep up the good work.


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