Our Winter Energy-Saving Menu

by - Monday, January 09, 2012

I love winter.  I so enjoy the snowfall though we do not have much this year.  I also like the cold weather outside as it is most of the times refreshing however, the cost of heating is something I do not appreciate a lot.  Although the apartment comes with a free heating system, there are winter nights that are so cold [like tonight… brrr!] that we need to make use of our electric heater which isn’t cheap at all.  How I sometimes wish that we live in one of those energy efficient metal buildings to save more during the cold dry months. It’s a good thing though that we have this not so complicated winter energy-saving menu as our guide to keep our electricity bill friendlier.

1.  We make sure that we insulate our apartment by covering our windows with drapes to keep the heat from flowing out and the cold air from coming in.
2.  We plug the main door and window gaps with plastic films for extra insulation.
3.  We check the windows and walls for possible cracks and openings.  So far, we haven’t found issues such as these.
4.  We make sure that the air inside our home is moist by using a humidifier.  Moist air helps in making the air feel warmer thus, making us feel more comfortable.

How about you?  What’s on your winter energy-saving list?
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