Picnik–Moving to Google+ in April

by - Saturday, January 21, 2012

If you haven’t heard about Picnik [picnik.com], it’s an online photo-editor which can be used for free.  Premium users only have to pay $24/year to unlock additional features.

I’ve been using Picnik even before Google’s purchased it a couple of years ago. It’s where I resize my blog photos and add my copyright [well, sort of] texts.  It’s very user friendly compared to other photo-editing systems.


This morning, I’ve received an e-mail informing me about its official closing announcement.  Picnik will no longer be accessible starting 19 April 2012.  Picnik will be joining Google+ under its Creative Kit feature – something I haven’t tried yet.


It’s sad to see a good thing go out the window but hopefully, this e-photo-editor will work just fine on Google+.  Let’s wait and see.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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  1. I recieved email from them too, parehas ta Ann ganahan kau ko ani nila kay did2 ko ga edit og photos...SAD kay mawala nmn sila, need napod ko ngita og new photo editor.

    1. Hello Shy! yup. it's so sad to see Picnik go but what can we do. Hope it's still the same when it's on Google+ already :)

      Have a pretty day!

  2. Hello my friend.. Nice post...Glad to be here! I wish you a wonderful new week, with very smiles and peace. Follow me back, please.


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