Saving Time and Money Through E-Billing Systems

by - Friday, January 13, 2012

New day, new bill --- that’s what life is all about! I come home today from my internship and guess what awaits me --- another bill that needs to be paid before the end of the month.  Well, nothing’s new for sure.   Sometimes they even come in twos or threes.  We always manage to pay everything before the deadline except for the bills we at times misplace.  It’s such a pain when one important paper’s missing.  I am extremely allergic to late payment penalties, if you know what I mean.

1326485081_depositElectronic billing system is such a relief.  All we have to do is to allow trusted companies to send us payment requests directly to our bank accounts online.  E-bills arrive early minus the paper and postal fees.  In addition, it’s way more organized.  No missing papers, no fuss, no clutter.  We get to save a lot of time and money which is definitely a plus!  That’s more money and more time for other things!  Sound fantastic, yeah?  I look forward to that day when all companies offer e-bills.  That time will come, that I am sure of!

How is it in your corner of the world?  Do you still receive a bunch of paper bills every month or do you get e-bills instead?

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