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by - Friday, January 06, 2012

Have you come across Kobi Levi’s blog [http://kobilevidesign.blogspot.com/] before?  If you are a shoe addict, I suggest you take a look at Levi’s weblog and check out his shoe designs.  His concepts will surely blow your brains out!

I’ve picked seven favorite pairs from Levi’s collection and here they are… drumroll, please!
The slide shoes!  Who’d think that slides are only found in playgrounds and are designed only for children?  Your feet, along with those wiggling toes will definitely have fun wearing this pair!
Chop-sticks, anyone?  These contemporary Chinese inspired chop-stick stilettos are so spot on!  Sexy to the max!
Sling-Shot shoe sculpture.  Point, pull and shoot!  You know you want one!
Dog shoes.  Great execution!  The nose, the ear-inspired heels and the pink tongue!  Woof woof!
Banana Slip-Ons.  I am not s huge fan of bananas but this pair is an exception.  Lovely!
Miao Shoes.  If you love cats, this pair is created perfectly for you!
Tongue Shoes.  Brilliant idea!  I so love the design of this one and the color combination.  Awesome concept!
Photo credits: Kevin Levi - http://kobilevidesign.blogspot.com/

I have no idea if Kobi Levi runs an online store to where one can easily order shoes.  All I have is this e-mail add, info@kobilevidesign.com to contact Kobi and his team.

Which pair is your favorite?  Which one’s the cutest in your eyes?

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  1. Ang cute! Gusto ko yung slide shoes! Ang unique ng mga designs!

  2. i love them ALL!!!! i don't think i can wear them.. siguro titigan ko lang sila or iddisplay haha :)

  3. Really unique in style. Just couldn't find this everywhere. I do love the chopstick style.

  4. I love the tongue shoes, and Slingshots the most, but they're ALL GR8! x) :P =D

  5. I love all the designs!!! very creative!!!


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