Shoes: Social Media Shoes by BrassMonki

by - Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So you love Facebook, you tweet a lot, you have a circle of Google+ friends --- you might want to check out www.brassmonki.wazala.com for cool custom printed social media sneakers.  Here are my picks for the day:


Facebook Sneakers

Price: £150.00

You love Facebook and you know you want a pair of these FB sneakers.  Come and get it!

Google Sneakers

Price: £180.00

Head-turner colorful Google shoes to match your techy and colorful personality.

Twitter Sneakers

Price: £200.00

Do you Tweet a lot?  If Twitter is your thing, this one’s just for you!  “Tweet, tweet”, says your sneakers!

If given the chance to choose only one from these three, which pair will you bring home?

*photo credits: brassmonki.wazala.com

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  1. I like the Facebook and twitter sneakers! Cool!

  2. I like the Facebook Sneakers, parang unisex, hehehe! =)

  3. i like the last one ;) interesting design!

  4. Please join my blog giveaway here http://charmagneantonetteramos.blogspot.com/2012/01/bubbles-x-charmagne-ramos-blog-giveaway.html Thank you.

  5. Buyer beware. Brass Monki = Daniel Reese = problems. I ordered and payd for shoes May 2011 and never received the shoes. Since then I am trying to get the money back but he does not respond the requests. Numerous customers are waiting to get their money back but only some people that keep calling him (or his father and girlfriend)for years can get their money back. Daniel Reese steels money from his customers.


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