The Stylish Girl iPhone App - Your Closet On-The-Go

by - Monday, January 23, 2012

If you’re into fashion, Stylish Girl iPhone App is created for you!  Designed by DDN Media, Inc., the Stylish Girl App is your closet on-the-go!  The app has a lot of good features but the Fashion Mall is my favorite.  With thousands of products and designers, it’s so easy to find something I really want.  I can filter my search by picking a color, size, brand and even limiting my choice on my budget.  How cool is that?



Aside from the Fashion Mall feature, there are also:

My Closet - where you can mix and match the items you’ve saved on your app.  Get ideas on what to wear and what accessories to match your outfit.  Wear awesome outfits all the time!

Wish Bag - see what you want but can’t decide on whether to get it or not?  Just add them on your Wish Bag!

Sale - where you can add the brands you love.  Check from time to time what’s on sale.  Easy, yeah?


Calendar - Can’t remember what you’ve worn last week, you can keep track of them using the calendar feature.  Avoid wearing the same outfit over and over again!

Fashion Lounge - get the latest fashion ideas, hot looks for the season, stylist videos, tips and more!


The Stylish Girl iPhone App is available as a free app and an upgraded version [costs $1.99]

So, have you tried this app?  Love it?  Like it?  Hate it?

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