Captured Photographs. Captured Memories.

by - Monday, February 06, 2012

Photographs are our links to the past.  They are captured memories of our existence trapped on a piece of special paper for us to treasure, keep and share.

scandigitalThe digital age has made freezing time possible, easier and even more affordable.  Almost everyone owns a digital camera or at least a mobile phone with one.  A quick click here and a speedy snap there with your family, spouse, friends and lovely people result to photographs to cherish a lifetime.

I myself have thousands of photos saved on my laptop and desktop.  I arrange them in folders titled with dates and places.  Whenever I am feeling like traveling back in time, I simply open my past by looking at the captured moments I’ve saved all these years.  Photos magically bring me back to places I’ve been, remind me of my old [same] self, tell me stories of friendship and broken relationships and make me smile and say, “Despite life’s ups and downs, I have been lucky all the way!”

Due to what seems to be non-stop clicks and snaps, it has become a necessity to back up my files in case my computers crash.  For my own peace of mind, I’ve transferred a bunch of photos to an external hard drive, some photos to USBs and a few photos to cds [http://www.scandigital.com/].  I’ve also saved a number of pics online to easily share them with my family and friends back home.

How about you?  Do you love to take photos?  How do you keep your captured snaps safe?

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  1. I love taking photos, and photography has actually been a continuously growing passion for me.. :) I save my photos on an HD, but I also try to upload them on photo hosting sites for both sharing and safety purposes. I have to say though that I somehow miss the old days when we only have film cameras. There's something really special with having to develop a roll of film and wait for the photos. Parang mas exciting and special kahit mas konti lang ang shots.. XD

  2. Yes na yes, Pretty Maxi! Photo freak akech, LOL!


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