Eyeglasses: Great Deal at Zenni Optical

by - Friday, February 24, 2012

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Bebe and I are certified eyeglass peeps.  Eyeglasses give us that help we need in order to see the world better.  The pairs that we are wearing at the moment has been purchased three years ago in a shop in the Philippines.  Although they’re still in good condition, we are considering the possibility of ordering online affordable eyeglasses [like at ZenniOptical.com for example], one pair each, as reserves just in case.

Luckily, for a limited time offer, Zenni is offering its e-customers a great deal.  Buy 2 pairs and get the 3rd for free!  Okey.  So, cheap eyeglasses plus an additional pair at no extra cost?  Oh wow!  Now that’s something one does not want to miss!
Oh of course.  If ever, Bebe will get a pair.  The other two are mine!  Sounds fantastic, isn’t it?
If you have a low budget, at Zenni Optical you can find $6.95 prescription eyeglasses.  Just search through pages of Zenni frames.  With hundreds to choose from, you’ll surely find frames that suit the face of your face and complement your skin complexion.  Take a look at my five Zenni picks [each frame is priced at $6.95]:
My favorite?  The second frame.  I like the color combination of gray and pink.  Looks cute!

If you are on the hunt for new pairs of eyeglasses, check out the Zenni Optical deal.  Hurry!  It isn’t gonna be there for a long time!

How about you?  Do you wear eyeglasses?  How many pairs do you own?

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  1. got a post like this too because they are affordable now

  2. I've been an eyeglass wearer since the age of 8, and until now I still can't live without my glasses (and contact lenses). I got tons of pairs but most were from my grade school days.. ^^ Anyway, this post is so timely. I'm actually in need of a new pair since I haven't had my eyes checked for quite a while already.

  3. I don't wear glasses but I can't live without my trusty shades! :)

  4. I like pink + grey too and love pink + lime green so number 2 and 3 are my picks! :)


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