On Getting Fit: Reuniting With My Elliptical Trainer

by - Saturday, February 11, 2012

050320081366-001I haven’t worn a pair of jeans for quite a long time.  Winter season gives me every reason to wear a pair of leggings layered with above-the-knee leg warmers.  I don’t do leggings and jeans combined.  It’s like giving my legs no room to breathe and move.  Leggings, leg warmers, skirts or dresses work way better of a combo for me.

However a few days ago, looking at my collection of jeans [not that many actually], I’ve thought of trying a pair of them on and oh no --- I can hear my jeans screaming at me, “Go get yourself new pairs!  You’re getting fat!”  I've begun noticing cellulite formation on my upper thigh and I just hate them.  Reality check:  I need to step onto my elliptical trainer again and get rid of those ugly skin unevenness.  For more information about cellulite, check out online universities to find physical fitness online classes that can teach you more about its other causes and treatment.  You don't want them anywhere near you.  Believe me.

Fact is, since migrating to Sweden on June 2007, I’ve only gained two kilos despite my so much love for food.  I’ve never gone beyond 47 kilos which is mad however, in order to fit into my favorite pants after the long winter season, I need to get back in shape.

Winter never fails to turn me into one of the laziest women in town.  After school/internship and house chores, I prefer to crawl under the blanket while watching movies or tv shows, munching on desserts and/or crisps and stay there until bedtime.   Result?  One bigger me.  Sigh.

Honestly, I am not thinking of going on a diet because I know I don’t have to.  I don’t want to go all skinny and such.  It’s not my thing.  I just have to reunite with my elliptical machine one  more time.  At least 30 minutes a day will help me firm those unwanted bulges.  I’m pretty sure my jeans will love me back after a month of training.  Fingers crossed!

How about you?  How does the cold season affect your weight and figure?  What do you do when you realize that you’re getting bigger?  Do you train to get fit or go on a diet?

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  1. Hi Maxie, I am the same way during the winter months i really dont do much except work and watch tv. I have had to change that because my doctor said i have high cholesterol and blood pressure. So i went and bought a home exercise equipment. Treed mill , situps and weight bench. Now i am ready to pump it up hahahaa. I have you finished your cooking school yet?


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