Organic Fashion on the Move

by - Saturday, February 04, 2012

Organic foods are something I [and you too, I suppose] am familiar with.  They have been “in” for many years now and will definitely grow through time.  Organic chocolate, organic tea/coffee, organic bread, organic butter, organic meat, organic sugar and organic wine are only a few that quickly cross my mind whenever asked about this category.  How about you?

Aside from organic food, organic fashion is also on the move --- organic cosmetics and eco friendly clothing are starting to gain popularity and yet, honestly speaking, I am not so well-acquainted with them.  I’ve heard friends talking positively about their chemical-free makeup products and clothes which tickles my interest but then, because it’s quite difficult to find them in stores downtown, I still haven’t tried any of them myself.  Hopefully, in the near future I’ll be able to get my hands on these organic items:

Organic Miessence Concealer by One Group
Want to hide those dark under-eye circles, age spots and unwanted blemishes the green way?  Why not give these organic concealers a try?

Organic Bamboo Verao Butterfly Skirt-Dress by Yes It’s Organic
Can’t decide on whether to purchase a dress or a skirt?  This piece can be both!  Pull it up and it’s a dress.  Pull it down to become your day’s skirt.  Cool, huh?
If you are into nature friendly living and you have kids, there are a lot of charming baby and children “go green” items such as organic cloth diaper, arm and leg warmer, kimono, mittens, dresses, shirts and many more!

How about you?  Do you go for organic fashion or not [yet]?  What nature friendly products do you usually buy?
Photo credits: http://www.organicshops.us/categories/30/Organic-Foods.html

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  1. woooaa... organic is great and no doubt about it but why is it so expensive hahaha..

    1. Hello baterya. Organic is great for sure. Hope that one day, it's easier to get hold of their products... :)

  2. mas mahirap yata kasi hanapin yung recipe nia

    1. Oo nga Chrisair. Organic products are quite harder to produce than the treated ones :)


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