Skin Care: Do You Love the Color of Your Skin?

by - Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Honestly, I used to not like it.  I was one of the many who wanted a lighter, whiter and fairer complexion.  The media kept on whispering into my ears that white skin is beautiful instead of reminding me to love my own color.

We all want to have that flawless skin but does flawless mean only white?  Of course.  Endorsements and ads are  thriving for us to believe in such.  But, really?  Living in Sweden for four years now has made me realize that my skin’s flawless because it’s healthy and smooth.  Accepting my true complexion makes me love myself more.  I now look in the mirror and appreciate who I see.

I’ve recently stumbled upon the Filipino Skin Tutorial by Mikey Bustos on YouTube.  The video’s made me laugh out loud!  Sharing it with you now… enjoy! 

[By the way, if haven’t heard of Mikey, you might wonder why he speaks like this.  Go check this one out, too: Mikey Bustos Filipino Accent Tutorial Vid’]

Mikey Bustos’ secret to light skin is GOOD GENES. This list looks truly expensive.  Ouch!

Now I am not saying that if you do some or all of the above, you’re a terrible person.  It just so happens that we’re all different in many ways.  We can’t always have common preferences and that makes the world a better place [I think].

Oh!  I still love opening my umbrella when walking under the heat of the sun when in the Philippines.  My old reason: to protect my skin from getting darker.  Now: to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun [heat is so intense in the Philippines and I don’t like it].To learn more information about how you can further protect your skin from the sun, check out out cosmetology courses at online universities [http://www.onlineuniversities.net/] that can teach you how to minimize skin damage from the sun using the different types of sunscreens.

11 February 2007 --- A three-hour stroll with my best friend inside the Crocodile Farm in Davao City, Philippines.  The extreme heat makes my umbrella a good companion.

These days, my priority is to keep my skin moisturized.  As of the moment, I am in love with No7 Essential Moisture Cream by Boots.  With the very cold Swedish weather, No7 keeps my skin summer soft all the time.

How about you?  Do you love your skin complexion or do you want it lighter?

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