At Last! I Am A Member of the Swedish Society of Chefs.

by - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

First and foremost, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!  I will be  writing about my most romantic V day [so far] later tonight or tomorrow.  I haven’t uploaded the photos yet.  Oops!

With only ten weeks left until culinary school ends, my classmates and I hear the good news we have been waiting for.  While in the middle of lecture, chef takes a pause to welcome us as the newest members of the Swedish Society of Chefs [Svenska Kockars Förening].  Finally, we’re in!

SKFYesterday, a few of us have already received our first issue of the club’s magazine.  With more than sixty interesting pages to check, I’ve only read the first eight.  It’s great to know that the next issue will reach our doorsteps not anytime soon.  No reason for me to miss a page then!

Of course.  To completely belong to the organization, we all will soon receive our membership ID cards.  With much excitement, I am already thinking of ordering card and badge holders which will come in handy when travelling, attending club activities, food/wine tasting and more!  Can’t wait!
Cool badge reels.  I want the red and white ones!
Photo credit: safecardid.com

Speaking about cards, have you ever gotten your hands on an HID card?  How’s the experience?  I am still in the process of Googling about it for … well … curiosity’s sake.  With the details I’ve read so far, it does certainly sound so techy, doesn’t it?  It seems like not so many have access to HID cards at the moment.  I’m pretty sure though that sooner than later, this piece is going to be a necessity.

It’s time for my evening break!  Will watch a romantic movie with Bebe before I get back to blogging.  After all, it’s Valentine’s Day!  Ciao for now!Red heartRed roseRed lips

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  1. congrats sis, super worth ang study.

  2. wow, congratulations! galing-galing! :)
    ..followed via gfc, nb, and fb.

    1. Thank you, Maiylah. By the way, followed back :)

  3. Gratulliere/Congratulations! Hope to get a taste-test soon! ;)

  4. Congratz. Now you're a part or member of the Swedish Society of Chefs. You're dream has been realized. More power to your culinary job at stake.

    1. Sir Gil, thank you very much. It feels great! I still have loads of things to prove myself :)

  5. Good to return back reading your updates ate maxi! Actually, this is the third post that I've read here today and I can't just leave you page without saying Congratulations! You made it! Blow out! Hihi


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