Angelbeary: The Giant Teddy. My New Buddy.

by - Saturday, March 03, 2012

I am aware that it’s no longer February and yet I am only posting this now.  Excuse me for the delay.  So well, here goes my Valentine 2012 entry…

I was asked by Bebe if I would want to dine out somewhere.  It sounded really sweet but I chose to stay at home.  I made dinner which we enjoyed while having a telly marathon. 

We have this long list and compilation of brilliant tv series and movies that we have to find time to watch.  A few of them are saved on my laptop, a number on the desktop  while most are on two separate external hard drives.  I sometimes play Filipino movies on my lappy.  Finding a vlc free download online [http://www.free-vlc.com/] has been really handy, I tell you.

Back to our V-Day --- After a long day in school +  internship for me and work + distance studies for Bebe, it was so relaxing to just chill together in our flat.  No need to go out and dress for the very cold weather!  Instead, we stayed home and stayed warm with the company of good homecooked meal and excellent shows on tv.

Before heading to bed, I’ve gotten a HUGE surprise!  Angelbeary is her name and when I say HUGE, I mean, ENORMOUS!  Yep.  Angelbeary’s my new sofa buddy and my new bedmate.  Here she is…
Ignore my messy hair.  I’ve gotten too excited upon meeting Angelbeary for the first time.  Joining us is Little Brown Bear which Bebe has given me a couple of years ago.

So, has your Valentine’s Day 2012 been the best so far? 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!  XOXO.

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  1. Hey sweetie! No more Echo here??

    1. Hello .. I have never seen a smart articles that you created. It really helped me to get back my ideas for writing. I will save this post, for I learn more

  2. Wow such a huge fluffy teddy bear, so huggable LOL!

  3. I'm sure u had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your Bebe and here's to many more happy moments together, hugs! :)

  4. My giant teddy is my husband. Lol Giant talaga! For sure you'll fall asleep hugging those teddys.


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Aaaah, I love big teddy bears but my main problem would always be on how I could keep them clean D:

    Still, they're so cuddly I can't resist!


  7. Hi Maxi c Trelms ni! hows you? g delete ko muna fb ko, preggy e. Maan i remember your mouth watering cakes ba, pwede kaya eshare mo recipe mo and how to cook those yummy cakes? maybe another blog napud for you? hehehhe...anyways miss u! muahugs!!

    1. Hello Trelms. Wow. :) Preggy. But why delete your FB? Sayang naman :) Sige lang. I understand :) Basta have a safe pregnancy, Trelms ha! :)

      I have a food and travel blog since four months ago [yata] http://SweNay.com but I haven't updated it as much as I want to. Been too busy these days with internship [enjoying it actually] and four blogs. Pero I will update more soon :)

      Ingat always and yup! I so miss you, too!

  8. Good Morning!

    We didnt go out as well and I just baked a cake for him on the night of the 14th. Same as you, my husband surprised me too with my favourite perfumes.

    It is good to know that a couple like you chose to celebrate events like V Day in a much more cosy way. In which there is no need for a fancy dress to wear in order to attend a reservation in a restaurant.


    Vicky David from Pinay In Europe (facebook)


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