Ballet Pumps and Floral Dresses for Spring

by - Monday, March 12, 2012

It’s spring once again!  Woo hoo!  I no longer find the need to wear a pair of warm boots and leg warmers on my way to my daily internship.  Because of that, it’s time for me to put away my winter clothing pieces to give way to my spring items.  It sounds boring… I know but knowing that the cold season’s finally gone, I am so thankful and excited to unpack my clothes and shoes for spring.  This is it!

Here are five pairs of gorgeous classic ballet pumps which are perfect for the warmer months:

Neosens PARDINA Ballet Pumps in beige
Available colors: beige, red, black, blue and maroon
Price: £85
Adelheid GLÜCKLICHE ZEITEN Ballet Pumps in brown
Available colors: blue, pink, red, marine blue and checkered blue
Price: £64.95
Anna Field Ballet Pumps in red
Available colors: black, red, blue and grey
Price: £26.95
AALM Ballet Pumps in dark brown
Available colors: light brown and dark brown
Price: £44.95
Tapeet by Vicini Ballet Pumps in pink
Price: £224.95
Among these five, I have to say that the last one is my favorite.  I like the style, the color and the detailed bow.  Since I can’t afford it [obviously], if given the chance, I’ll go for the Adelheid GLÜCKLICHE ZEITEN Ballet Pumps in brown.  It does look comfy to wear.  I bet it is!

If you want to check for lovely shoes like the ones I have above, you can find a so much more at where you can also find a great list of floral dresses like these:


Desigual SELENNE Dress in white
Also available in black
Price: £84.00

Yumi AMELIE Dress in black
Price: £65.00

Ana Alcazar Dress in beige
Price: £179.95
How about you?  Which one’s your favorite from my picks?  Have you already started shopping for spring clothes?

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