Cellulite? No, Thanks.

by - Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adiposis edematosa or popularly known as cellulite refers to the unwanted dimpled skin which usually appears on the stomach, pelvic region and thighs.  This skin change is caused by the fat deposits in the subcutaneous level of the skin tissue and mostly develops after puberty.

Many believe that one can only start having it when one reaches old age.  As mentioned above, it may start right after puberty [uh- oh!  You better watch out!]  Another misconception is that only those who are overweight may suffer from it.  Believe me.  I’ve found a trace of cellulite on my hip a few months ago.  Weight?  45 to 47 kilos [99 to 103 lbs --- can’t really remember exactly] which, according to the Body Mass Index [BMI] calculator is under the category - underweight.  No deep trouble though.  Just a small trace of cellulite.  It might have been small but for me, it’s one big deal.  By the way, here’s my BMI chart:
Source: National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
See?  I am underweight and yet I have had cellulite issues.  Yayks!  I am definitely unhappy with it which is why I’ve decided to workout at home everyday on my elliptical machine.  No special diet whatsoever as I am not a fan of depriving myself from eating what I want.  To make a not so long story short, 30 minutes a day on my exercise machine has helped me get rid of the hip dimples.  Oh well.  I am still underweight at the moment but at least, no more cellulite!
If your cellulite problem is far worse than mine, then you seriously need to:

1.] check your diet - get away from food with much carbohydrates, fat or even salt.  Fiber rich food is good for you!  Remember to NOT go on a crash diet as it may result to further damage.
2.] move some more - exercise, exercise, exercise and get toned!
3.] quit smoking - smoking destroys the connective tissue in your body resulting to the unevenness of the skin.
4.] stop wearing tight underwear or tight clothing - tight clothing contributes to cellulite formation as it cuts off blood circulation.  Without regular blood flow, the collagen  becomes weak which usually leads to cellulite.
5.] you may want to give cellulite products a try - of course, liposuction is an option but because the procedure is truly expensive and mostly comes with temporary results, you can always opt for certain cellulite products.  If you are having a difficult time finding one, go through a number of cellulite product reviews to make your decision making easier.  Ever heard of Cellulean?  If you haven’t yet, here’s a Cellulean review [http://www.cellulitecreams.net/] for you to read.  Hope this helps!

Summer’s fast approaching!  You better get rid of those unwanted dimples especially if you are planning on having a beach getaway!

Did you ever had cellulite?  How did you get rid of it?

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