Gift Ideas: Baby Gift Baskets

by - Saturday, March 17, 2012

I’ve received a message today that I’ll be making a cute baby boy a cake.  I am thrilled, excited and of course challenged.  As early as now, I am already thinking of a design.  As usual, everything is going to be edible just like this birthday-baptismal-cake-in-one which I’ve created for a friend’s kiddo in September of 2011 [inspired by the animated film Cars by Pixar, specifically, Lightning McQueen]:
Two layer chocolate cake covered with chocolate ganache and wrapped in marzipan.  Decorations [Lightning McQueen and the baby boy are created using homemade fondant].  Chocolate covered marshmallows with sugar sprinkles are added for the kids to enjoy all the more.

I have eight weeks notice which is awesome.  Aside from planning about the cake’s decoration and design, I am also checking out a few Baby Gift Baskets.  So far, these three sets stand out the most:

Nikki’s by Design Baby Gift Basket.
This set comes with a bodysuit, a t-shirt, a pair of pants, two bibs, a cap, a pair of booties, a baby picture frame, baby wash by Johnson & Johnson, pantry mints and a cute teddy bear.
Five Little Monkeys Keepsake Baby Gift Set with Personalization Option
This basket contains a banana rattle, a plush monkey, a blanket, a door hanger, a portion of “5 Little Monkeys” nursery rhyme and personalization on the blanket.

Patches Plus Puppy Lovie Gift Set with Optional Personalization
This gift set includes cute items for the baby wrapped in a dog gift box, optional personalization on the blanket and of course the plush puppy.
Aren’t they adorable?

If I were you, which one will you pick?  The bear, the monkeys or the puppy?

*Photo credits: giftbaskets.com

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  1. I think I'll go with the bear, as I like the stuff that go with it :)

    Wow, that cake looks amazing! You are so talented!

  2. The puppy captured my heart from first sight! If I'll be giving a baby basket as a gift, I would be choosing him. :)

    I am at awe at the cake you made last year in September. Do you have a how to post about it? My 4 y.o. daughter is crazy about Cars, and that is a fun cake to do even if it's not her birthday, yet.

    Looking forward to your post about the cake you will be creating. Have fun!

  3. gusto ko yang puppy te Max..

    mmmmmm..galing mo te..pwede pagawa din?hekhekhek!


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