P!nk: Boldness and Coolness to Perfection

by - Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I came home from culinary school feeling so lazy this afternoon.  I think I ate too much.  With the heavy stomach plus the gloomy, damp weather outside made me want to hit the bed at once and doze off to sleep.  But because I had so much to do, I postponed my power nap and decided to play my P!nk playlist on my YouTube account.  First song was “So What” and it was enough to get me going.

In one of my previous posts “P!nk: Her Style. Her Music. I Like”, I ‘ve mentioned my top 5 fave P!nk songs.  For more information about Pink, check out pop music classes at accredited online schools that can teach you who Pink is and her contribution to the pop music industry.

Aside from her music, I also adore her fashion style.  Her look is kinda weird for me but because P!ink carries herself well with confidence, she fits the picture of boldness and coolness perfectly.  If you admire P!nk’s clothing sense, check this one out:

Pink top

Hudson Jeans low rise bootcut jeans
£230 - harrods.com

Pleaser mary jane platform pumps
$75 - endless.com

Jane Norman studded belt
£16 - janenorman.co.uk

What’s your favorite P!nk song?  Do you like her style?  Why and why not?

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