P!nk: Her Style. Her Music. I Like

by - Monday, March 12, 2012

No doubt.  I am a fan of this fabulous American singer-songwriter, musician and actress Alecia Beth Moore --- better known as P!nk.  Seriously.  What’s not to like about her?  Her voice is amazing.  Her style is so cool.  Her fashion sense fits her awesome personality.  She rocks.  She does!

I have added a lot of P!nk songs to my YouTube playlist.  When at home, I simply hit continuous play and my day turns a lot better.

I also have a number of music downloads [http://www.mp3mixx.com/] on my laptop.  I need to find time to organize them into folders.  I am quite lazy when it comes to keeping my files in order [sigh] but I will fix it soon.

mp3mixx.com has indeed provided music lovers like me the opportunity to have great songs downloaded on the laptop, desktop, iPhone, iTunes and other devices.  Searching for songs  are really easy.  One can search alphabetically or search by typing in the album title or the song title or the artist’s name and done.   You can even click through a different genres list or go through a list of charts [US Chart, UK Chart, EU Chart or World Chart] to make your hunt easier.  How cool is that?

I am thinking of downloading a number of songs by P!nk on my iTunes account.  I might be doing that during the weekend if things won’t go too busy.  My favorite Pink songs are:

1.] So What – I so enjoy singing to this song.  The music video’s amazing!  I haven’t fully memorized the lyrics but I am getting there.
2.] F****** Perfect  - I do not curse as I am not a fan of it so whenever I sing to this song, I just skip the curse word.  I like the beat and I think it’s brilliant.
3.] Raise Your Glass – This song makes me want to dance along.  Nice message this song has.  Raise Your Glass is one of my all time favorites.
4.] Just Like a Pill – Oh.  I have been singing this one on my videoke. I admit.  I am not that good but I really enjoy singing Just Like a Pill.  It’s a tough song to sing.  I struggle but it does not matter.  Powerful song!
5.] Sober – Playful lyrics, great tune --- simply fantastic!

Okay.  Those are my top five P!nk faves.  I’ll be creating my Lady Gaga top five faves in the weeks to come.

How about you?  Who’s your favorite artist?  What are your favorite songs?

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  1. pink is pretty good and i kinda like her style. i dont have fave artists in the mainstream actually ;)

  2. I like Pink too, though I only know of a few songs. I just love her style and personality! :)

  3. Pink does really consistent throughout time, her vid and were fierce but she is not on real

  4. Her voice is great, I like her too.

  5. i heart Lady Gaga more than Pink..

  6. I love Pink too; she has such a strong voice and I love her inspirational songs the most ;)



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