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by - Thursday, March 29, 2012

The rollable and foldable stylish ballet flat brand Footzyrolls has been around for quite sometime now and yet, I still haven’t grabbed my first pair.  Perhaps I really can’t find a good reason to buy one but it does not matter actually.  I want to get myself a pair, at least.  I want to personally try it for curiosity’s sake.  Women, huh?

I’ve Googled for this product and have stumbled upon a bunch of online shops.  Truth be told, I find the price pretty unreasonable for a pair of roll up flats.  Adding the shipping cost [doing the math a bit here], I’ve decided to delay the purchase until I find a dashing pair on sale.

I’ve found the Official Fan Page of Footzyrolls Philippines on Facebook a few weeks back.  I must say that they have really stylish pieces in there.  Drooling, I am - here are my top three on my Footzyrolls list:

If I will be sticking to my original plan and buy only one pair, this is my first choice.
The Sizzling Snake Skin in Red. Price: Php940/pair

On number 2 is this white and navy blue stripe design.
Price: Php940/pair

Third on the list: White and Red stripe Footzyrolls.
Price: Php940/pair
If ever I get the chance to fly to the Philippines for a vacation in 2013, I will be visiting one of the Footzyrolls shops in Manila.  The one in Alabang Town Center, maybe?

How about you?  Have you tried wearing a pair of Footzyrolls?  Like it or not?  What is your favorite pair and how much does it cost?

*Photo credits: https://www.facebook.com/FootzyrollsPH

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