Travel Wish List: Denver Is The Place To Be

by - Saturday, March 31, 2012

“One day, I’ll be visiting Denver”, this I’ve promised myself a long time ago.  It’s not going to happen anytime soon but despite the waiting period I am already determined that the Denver Art Museum will be my first stop.  Its North Building looks mesmerizing.  I so want to see it in person!
Denver Art Museum
Photo credit: denver.org
The Denver Art Museum’s Frederic C. Hamilton Building opened to the public on the 7th of October 2006.  That’s my birthday.  It is a must for me to set foot on this 146,000-square-foot piece of architecture.
Downtown Denver’s Larimer Square also looks like a good place to spend at least one shopping day.  The cool collection of the Square’s Victorian buildings is fascinating.  I will definitely not miss this spot.
Larimer Square
Photo credit: larimersquare.com
Staring at the wonderful photos of tourist spots within Denver makes me want to buy a little condominium unit.  If only I have the money, I’ll be flipping through Denver Colorado real estate properties already.  How about you?  Have you been checking out Denver real estate houses and flat lately?

So much for daydreaming, back to my list --- Red Rocks Park is so beautiful making it difficult for me to believe that it does truly exist.
Red Rocks-1
Photo credit: redrocksonline.com
Last but never the least, animal lovers like me will never leave Denver without spending a day with the animals at the Denver Zoo.  I’ve heard about the opening of the zoo’s Toyota Elephant Passage.  It sounds interesting, don’t you think?
Denver Zoo
Photo credit: denverzoo.org
How about you?  Have you been to Denver?  If yes, which places have you visited?  Are you visiting Denver again in the near future?  If you haven’t, are you planning on spending your vacation there one day?

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