Project: Get That Shoe Corner Organized!

by - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

With more than 80 pairs of shoes [Oh gee.  I really need to put a stop to this insanity!] it is at times a struggle to go through all the boxes just to find the pair I want.  There are even moments when I get surprised to stumble upon the forgotten ones.  Sigh.

I have my shoes in boxes. That way, I can keep my shoe rack organized.  However, it’s still a pain to locate the desired shoes so I’ve taken photos of all the pairs which Bebe will print out later.  I’ll paste the photos on every shoe box for an easier hunt.  I am also planning on sticking colored inventory labels [http://www.reidsupply.com/products/packaging-shipping-supplies/labels-tags/labels/inventory-labels/] right next to each photo just in case I am in the mood to choose by color.

Ohhh… I really look forward to having this project of mine done.  The sooner the better!

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  1. oh,wow!80 pairs .mine is not even a dozen but I know how you feel being a purse collector myself. Hubby even kidding me that if ever i'm gone all my purses will go to Goodwill(donations store)

    1. Hello Tess. I've always told myself to stop. Actually, I've slowed down with the purchases. These are my shoes since June 2007, when I migrated here in Sweden. The shoes I've left behind in the Philippines, mostly are gone :) But it's okey. I'm so happy with what I have now.

      Oh wow. You collect purse and bags? Cool. I want to see your collection one day :)

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaah! andami nah! same here..but yung iba kong shoes, my mom gave those dun sa mga anak ng workers namin when we moved to our new house.. ;D

  3. I am so envy, wish to have a room also only for shoes

  4. I send a balikbayan box every year. So every year I disposed those shoes that I don't like to wear some goes to eBay. Hehehe

  5. Good Noon!

    I am hoping that you will find a time too to sort out your 80 pairs of shoes.


    Vicky David


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