Weddings: List of What-to-dos. The Bride and Her Maid of Honor.

by - Sunday, March 11, 2012

I’ve seen Brides Maids once and might see it again soon.  It’s such a brilliant romantic comedy that makes you whisper, “Ouch!” to yourself more than a few times.  Kristen Wiig’s [as Annie, the maid of honor] so hilarious that she has totally got me blown away in this film.
Enough about the movie [but seriously, if you haven’t seen it yet, go find some time to!].  Let’s talk about weddings!

wedding invitation
So, the date has been set.  You’ll soon be walking down the isle wearing that beautiful wedding gown you’ve been dreaming of, exchanging I dos with the love of your life  but wait!  Before that day comes, a lot has to be organized and in your list of top ten, somewhere you’ll find … ta-dah … order wedding invitations.

With your cool and ever supportive maid of honor, aside from making phone calls on your behalf, running errands for you, helping you pick your wedding dress and the flowers, she’ll also be more than happy to share her ideas with you regarding bridal wedding invitations.  Yes.  Maids of honor have built-in superpowers [even bridesmaids] and they do come with great responsibility which includes [aside from the few mentioned above] making sure that the bride gets the fairytale wedding she’s been wishing for all her life while keeping the bride-to-be’s sanity and soul in tact.  It’s no easy peasy task so you better have a bunch load of will and patience in your pocket all the time.  You definitely do not want to end up as the bride’s maid of dishonor, right?

Question:  Have you already had the maid of honor experience?  How’s it been?  If you’re the bride, has your maid of honor been really helpful to you?

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