Aiming for a Simple Dream Home

by - Monday, April 02, 2012

With the changing economy, future plans at times remain as plans instead of turning into reality.  “One step at a time” is a smart reminder to keep.  As one matures, a person’s focus shifts from filling his wardrobe with wants and cravings to prioritizing needs for a better tomorrow.

Maturity works hand in hand with responsibility and as I age, I’ve slowly noticed that my focus now is to buy a townhouse for my family back in the Philippines than to purchase clothes, shoes, bags and gadgets whenever I want to.  It is a huge step but in due time, I know I’ll get there and it’s going to be worth it. 
Dream Home
At the moment, my family and I are saving for our simple dream house, searching for tips, looking for a good location and canvassing prices.  If you are residing in the US, you can look for companies providing structured settlements [http://www.imperialstructuredsettlements.com/].  The amount you’ll get can aid you especially with the down payment, paper works and processing.  If you haven’t heard about it yet, ask your attorney and learn the pros and cons about it.  You might find this option helpful.

Aside from getting a townhouse, there are still a few more dreams which are in our to-follow list.  Necessities, for sure.

How about you?  What are your future plans?  Have you purchased a house and lot under your name or are you planning on getting one soon?  What are you other future purchases?

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