Babies 'N Bellies: Trendy Maternity Dresses

by - Sunday, April 22, 2012

At Babies ‘N Bellies, you will find a wide range of clothing selection for the soon-to-be moms.  From maternity tops to bottoms, dresses for all occasions to sleepwear, name it and you will certainly find the one you want.

Check out these three fabulous maternity dresses from Babies ‘N Bellies [http://www.babiesnbellies.com/]:
Maternity Dress1

The Cream Lace Maternity Dress
This lovely sleeveless short dress is perfect for the summer!  You know you want one!

Maternity Dress2

The Genie Printed Maternity Satin Dress
With a sexy cut and trendy style, preggy mommies surely deserve one!  [Also available in blue, multi print pink and purple]

Maternity Dress3

The Angel Flower Formal Maternity Dress
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!  With a floral one shoulder strap, pleated empire sheer fabric waist and bust, this style is absolutely stunning especially when attending weddings, formal dinner events and more.

If you are to choose, which one’s the prettiest among my three picks?

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