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by - Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bellagala is a Minnesota based ultimate wedding shop.  From planning to invitations, florist designers, cakes, transportation, hair and make up, photography, videography --- literally, they have everything a soon-to-be couple needs in order to experience the much awaited start of their “happily ever after” story.

Every artist of Bellagala’s team of Minnesota wedding planners are experts in each specific field.  Because customers work close with professional artists,  they receive top notch services and  get quality on time results.  Their services come with a fair price minus the stress.  What more could a couple ask for?
At Bellagala, you have the freedom to pick your big day’s floral style!
Bellagala – experienced wedding photographers Minnesota – because your big day is worth remembering!
Do you know that Bellagala even has personalized wedding painting services?  So you have a photographer, a videographer then what about hiring an onsite painter?  That sounds superb, right?  If my “I do” day arrives, I want a wedding painter, too!  After all, it is a once in a lifetime experience so why not?
How about Ice sculptures for weddings?  You bet.  Bellagala has it, too. Work side by side with their artist to achieve the design you want.  Go crazy, go bold and be creative by adding colors and designs to match your wedding theme.

How about you?  If you’re married, how was your wedding day like?  If you are not yet, any plan to settle down soon?  What is your dream wedding?  Traditional?  Modern?  Fairy tale?  Out of this world?

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