Challenge: Learn to Play the Guitar.

by - Sunday, April 22, 2012

GuitarI have given it some thought.  I fancy learning the guitar.  It is no surprise really.  I have tried playing the instrument back when I was still in high school and have even given it another shot after college.  With a short amount of patience, I then came up with the conclusion that playing the guitar was not meant for me.  But then again, really?

With a few more weeks left in culinary school, I have been convincing myself to get acoustic guitar lessons online or offline after the course ends.  Another challenge to face!

I do not own a guitar at the moment.  Bebe recommends to look for guitars over the internet for easier performance and price comparisons.  I have Googled a bit and still have not come up with a wish list.  Choosy?  Not really.  Perhaps I do not really have any idea on what to look for in the first place.  Sigh.

Oh.  If in case you are into playing drums, check out these custom-shop quality Craviotto Drums.  Google them as they might just be your cup of tea.
Craviotto Drums
How about you?  Do you play any musical instruments?  Do you play the guitar, drums or the keyboards?

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