We Want: An Elegantly Crafted TV Stand With Mount

by - Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bebe and I are so looking forward to purchasing a tv stand.  The one that we have in our living room right now obviously needs to be replaced.  Although it still look pretty, it is no longer stable.  I have fixed it a million times.  I am no handyman so well, expect no remarkable results.  Hopefully, before the whole thing crashes into pieces we already have a replacement.

Looking around, we have chanced upon a number of lovely tv stands with mount [http://www.standsandmounts.com/standswithoptionalscreendisplaypanels.aspx].  On top of the list is the Altra Oakland Entertainment Center with 50" TV Mount (Cherry) 1608196.  We love the color and the finish of the wood, the design and the moldings.  The only issue we have with this model is that it is designed for televisions of up to 50”.  Our 3D plasma telly is quite bigger at 55”.
tv stand1
Option 2 is the Welton 5th Avenue 55 inch TV Stand with Support Wall Home Theater System (Light Cherry) AVW114C.  With elegant style, shelves and drawers, I find this one cool.  Because this is designed to accommodate flat tellies of up to 60”, perfect!  One wish though… I am sure that option 2 is prettier if painted in black.
tv stand2
The search isn’t over yet.  Hopefully, we get to find some more choices and if lucky, we will be able to place our order online within the next couple of months.  We’ll see!

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