Furuvik: Fun, Green and Relaxing

by - Friday, April 13, 2012

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For my boyfriend's family, it is a yearly habit to visit Furuvik, the nearest zoo and amusement park from our hometown.  This year is my third time to tag along and I can't wait to spend the entire day in that lovely park with family, friends, animals and nature.  It is only open during summer so we are still waiting for the schedule and the rates.

While going through some old Furuvik photos, I've stumbled upon these gorgeous lawns and gardens scattered all over the area:

It is so refreshing to see such flowery and grassy paths.  It is full of color and full of life.  These photos and such places make me look forward to buying our own home complete with balcony and lawn.  The lawn does not need to be that huge.  For as long as there are pretty flowers in different colors and thick, well-maintained grass, my summer will always be a perfect one.

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I will be capturing more photos on our next Furuvik visit.  Hopefully, they have greener gardens and more colorful flowers compared to last year.  Can't wait! 
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