How’s Your Cigar Collection?

by - Monday, April 30, 2012

Whenever I fly home to the Philippines for a short vacation [3 weeks, 4 when lucky], I make sure to stop by one of my favorite souvenir shops, Kultura Filipino.  When there, my first target is the cigar corner.  With lots of sizes and flavors to choose from, deciding which ones to pick is a challenge.
Cigar Shopping
Cigar shopping at Kultura Filipino, Mall of Asia, Philippines
28 February 2010

In 2010, I flew back home to Sweden with four packs of cigars.  I should have bought more but with Sweden’s strict customs regulations, I wouldn’t want to risk it.  Those chocolate, rum, vanilla and honey-flavored cigars went a long way and made a lot of friends and family members happy!

If you are into cigars, do you have a collection of them or do you buy them for consumption?  With a wide array of brands, I think it’s fab to start a collection.  A few interesting brands in mind are Davidoff, Te Amo, King Edward, Punch and Ashton cigars.  One day, I’ll have this cool cigar collection locked inside a pretty cupboard made of glass which is placed right next to the wine cabinet.  Ahh… that sounds so lush, doesn’t it?

How about you?  How’s your cigar collection if you have one?  If you do not, are you thinking of starting a collection of cigars one day?

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