Irregular Bags and Clutches by Irregular Choice

by - Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In June of 2011, I published the post “Irregular Shoes with Irregular Styles by Irregular Choice” and today comes the sequel… featuring the foxy bags and clutches by Irregular Choice.  If you feel like you are having difficulties falling in love with the quite weird shoes, these handbags are totally a different story.  At least one of them will tickle your heart and make you say, “Oh, I want it!” while giggling.  Here they are:

Irregular Choice

1.] Get On It Clutch Bag - Fan-shaped clutch bag with adorable details.  It comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
Price: £50.00
2.] Happy Shopper Handbag - Red and white polka dots and stripes in one.  It comes with a removable shoulder strap.  If you love flowers and grapes, you will certainly appreciate the garden details.
Price: £99.00
3.] Flower Power Clutch Bag - Just like the Happy Shopper Handbag, a tiny garden detail is added to this piece and it also comes with a detachable strap.
Price: £60.00
4.] Aphrodite Clutch - A huge bow clutch bag in red and white polka dots.  Of course, this also comes with a detachable strap.  Unfortunately, the product is at the moment unavailable… sold out!
5.] Lola Cross Body Bag - With a gorgeous polka dot bow, this Lola messenger bag is a perfect match for those denim days.  Unfortunately, this piece is not available now.  Oops!
6.] Miaow Clutch Bag -  If you love cats, then this clutch is designed for you!  Will surely look elegant with your formal dress.  Again, it’s out of stock!
7.] Twit Twoo Clutch Bag - Do you love birds or perhaps maybe you enjoy Twitter?  If birds make your heart skip a beat, then this Twit Twoo clutch might make your day even lovelier.  Detachable strap included!
Price: £50.00

I bet you want to take home with you all of the bags on my list above.  I’m right, yeah?  You can find out more about these  items and other funky bits and bobs at www.irregularchoice.com.  Go ahead and take a peek!  Enjoy!

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