Shoes: Reebok - Easytone Then Comes Realflex

by - Wednesday, April 04, 2012

When Reebok announced the released of Easytone, I was one of the excited ones who would want to try it.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to purchase a pair at once.

I am still waiting for the right time, that huge sale day at my favorite online fashion shop.  I visit their website every now and then but haven’t found a good deal yet.  Unexpectedly, while waiting comes another interesting series by Reebok - the Realflex.

Photo credits: Stadium.se

The price difference between the two isn’t that much however, I still find the Easytone range prettier than the Realflex.  But then again, aside from the style and design, comfort is an important note to consider.  Some say Easytone is more comfortable to wear while others claim that Realflex is better.  Makes one wonder, right?  Which is which?

I will be reading some more reviews before finalizing my decision to make sure that there will be no regrets.  Perhaps by the time I already know which I want, a huge red tag will pop up in front of me!

How about you?  If you have tried Easytone, do you like it?  If you have purchased a Realflex, how is it?  If you haven’t bought any of these two, are you planning on getting one anytime soon?

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