Solar Powered Illuminated House Numbers

by - Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So you are visiting a friend, a colleague or a relative for the first time and all you have is the house address.  Although there’s GPS to help you locate the house number, isn’t it a lot easier if the home you are looking for have their unit clearly marked with illuminated house numbers especially if you are heading there after the sun sets?

Illuminated House Numbers
The Address Plaque Store sells illuminated address numbers that turn on and off automatically and are solar powered.  Each number charges during the day even without direct exposure to the sun --- no need to check and replace for batteries, no electricity required and does not crave for maintenance schedules.  Handy, huh?  Their illuminated house numbers are easy to install, are proven to be waterproof and can withstand any types of weather even temperatures from 65°C to freezing 20 below zero.  And yup!  The numbers are visible at night even from 100 feet away.  What more can a homeowner ask for?  A complete package for $19.99 a number!  You know you want one!
*Photo credit: www.addressplaques.net

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