The Basic Facial Care Routine for Men

by - Friday, May 18, 2012

Just like women, men also care about the way they look.  Although most of the times they do not admit to it, deep down inside, every man hopes to have a healthy younger looking skin perhaps not to impress other people but to have that level of confidence everyone wants to carry with them all day long.  Now, is it wrong for men to observe properFacial wash grooming and look their best?  Of course  not.  Below are the basic facial care routine most men follow:

1.] Use a good facial wash - A foaming face wash is more advisable than using regular soap.  Facial wash purifies the skin by dissolving excess oil.  It removes dead skin cells leaving the skin fresh, nourished and smooth while regular soaps can irritate facial skin and drain all the natural oil from it making it dry and dull.
2.] Tone -  Toners are not expensive and are very easy to find.  They help unclog pores thus keep the skin feeling fresh.
3.] Moisturize -  Get yourself a trusted brand of moisturizer to keep your face healthy and moisturized 24 hours a day.  This step is even more relaxing if you can get someone to apply it for you… say, your girlfriend? 
4.] Use Facial Scrubs - Exfoliating at least once a week will give you that younger looking skin.  You will notice the difference just right after your first facial scrub day.
5.] Shave! - A clean, neatly shaved face definitely takes away a few years from your age.  Get that youthful look without the moustache and beard!
6.] Apply your aftershave - Aftershaves are recommended to prevent infections from cuts after shaving.  These products also soften and moisturize resulting to a refreshing morning or evening shave.

Oh by the way, do not forget to know your skin type, drink loads of water, eat fruits and exercise to give you a glowing and healthy lifestyle.

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