Because Brown is Definitely “In”

by - Saturday, May 12, 2012

With brown skin since birth, it is only lately when I come to realize how lucky I am to have been wearing this skin color.  In my teen years, brown skin was ugly and undesirable while those with lighter shades were head turners and gorgeous and were even referred to as stunningly flawless by most.  Could it be that we were so idolizing Snow White’s porcelain skin, Nicole Kidman’s very fair color and Dita Von Teese’s light complexion?  Could be, could be.

Living in Sweden for four years now [very soon, five] has helped me love myself more.  From time to time, friends come to me and whisper how they envy my skin color.  As always, I stay humble but I have to admit that comments like that make me smile and although it doesn’t show much, I blush.

There have been instances when friends come to me to reveal their attempts to achieve a darker complexion.  Because spring weather this year has been mostly sunny, some of them do the usual sunbathing on the beach, parks or in their balcony.  Depending on how much time they have, any of these works fine for them.  A number of my friends even visit tanning salons to establish a base tan or purchase spray tanning makeup sets that they can carry with them wherever they go.  Indeed, brown is definitely “in”!
Photo credits: thetanningstore.com

How about you?  What is your skin color?  Love it or not?  Have you ever wished that you were born with a darker or lighter skin color?  Do you spend time on the beach to sunbathe, visit tanning salons or use spray tanning products to achieve a darker complexion?

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