Business as Usual: H&M is Coming to Town Real Soon!

by - Tuesday, May 08, 2012

When H&M [Hennes & Mauritz AB] announced on December 2011 their plan of opening a store in Söderhamn, I was one of the many who got really excited.  The exact opening date has not been revealed to the public yet but it is said to be sometime this Autumn.  My weird guess?  September or October.  A month ago, a clothing store has already been transferred to a new spot while a lingerie shop is expected to move to a new place within the next month or so.  Old boutiques are being rearranged to give more space to the much awaited H&M downtown.
You have perhaps heard of business establishments, new and old, declaring bankruptcy.  Here in Sweden, that happens most of the time.  With sky high taxes, it is difficult to sit back and relax if you are running a business venture.  Big companies such as H&M are smart enough to look for the best commercial liability insurance quote [http://www.techinsurance.com/general-liability-insurance/] available.  With too much time and money involved, it is always better to be sure than never.  Can’t wait for H&M’s ribbon cutting day!

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