Dresses: Summer Wish List

by - Sunday, May 06, 2012

Summer means freedom..  Freedom to wear what I want!  Shorts, skirts, sleeveless tops, ballet flats, flip flops and dresses - my wardrobe favorites during the warm summer months.  The last I checked, I do not find the need to buy blouses, tees, new pairs of shorts and flats.  Neither do I need new dresses but thing is… I want to do some dress shopping soon!  A piece or two, I guess?

So far, here are my summer dress wish list:


1.] Denim dress by Mango.  Sold at £29.99 per piece [shop.mango.com]
2.] Memories of You Dress by ModCloth.  Sold at $47.99 [modcloth.com]
3.] Pink Tube Corset Dress by dELiAs.  Sold at $44.50 [store.delias.com]
4.] Blue Linen Style Tab Dress by Awear.  Sold at €17.00 [was €36.00 - awear.com]

My top picks?  Numbers 1 and 2.

How about you?  What are you favorite summer pieces?  Do you also love wearing dresses?

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