Get the Monki Style this Summer

by - Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am currently watching the first part of Eurovision 2012.  Since a few entries are quite boring me, I have thought of amusing myself by Monki-ing around.  I am thinking of ordering one or two skirts online and Monki.com is my first stop for e-window shopping.  Monki has three above-the-knee skirts which will end up in my wish list.  And oh… they do have pages of lovely tops, too!


Skirts from left to right:

1.] The Lydia Skirt - Price: 35 EUR
2.] My Skirt - Price: 22 EUR
3.] The Inna Skirt - Price: 15 EUR from 30 EUR

Tops from left to right:

1.] The Emma Tee - Price: 15 EUR
2.] The Elina Singlet - Price: 15 EUR
3.] The Josie Top - Price: 15 EUR

I like all skirts especially the one in the middle.  It is chick and gorgeous with the touch of lace plus it is easy to find a matching top because it is in white.

Oh… it is time for me to get back to watching Eurovision 2012.  The program is starting to get interesting now.  I really hope Loreen will make it to the finals on Saturday.  Go Sweden!

How about you?  Have you gone Monki-ing lately?

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