Lasik Eye Surgery–Me Want!

by - Wednesday, May 02, 2012

GlassesHaving eyeglasses on when spending a minimum of eight hours per day in the restaurant kitchen is quite disturbing.  When the kitchen gets really warm and I begin to sweat, my glasses keep sliding down my nose.  Contact lenses?  I have considered them and have even given them a try.  Because they irritate my eyes, contacts are not meant for me.  Lasik eye surgery [http://www.lasikeye-guide.com/category/lasik-eye-surgery/] on the other hand is one option I am so interested to go through to have my vision sharpened.  Sad thing though… I can’t afford to pay for the procedure at the moment.

I know that many people travel to Thailand for a vacation and undergo Lasik surgery at the same time.  You know what they say!  Hit two birds with one stone whenever possible!  I have thought about that too but my budget is still not allowing me to get it at the moment.  I have to wait for some more time.  Perhaps years.  Perhaps months.  But I do not really care.  I’ll be having Lasik eye surgery one day.

Just like wearing contact lenses, Lasik eye surgery also comes with possible risks and honestly, that word scares me which is why it is a good thing to weigh the pros and cons first.  The surgery may result to several rare cases of unwanted effects such as eye infection, inflammation, under correction or overcorrection, blurry vision and dry eyes within the first few weeks after the procedure and even not permanent results.
Then why get Lasik surgery when there are risks?
Sometimes, one just has to gamble!  The advantages of Lasik include:
  • accurate correction in levels of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism
  • accurate results
  • the procedure is quick and painless
  • one treatment is enough in most cases but there are cases when others need to go through enhancements
    --- as always, cases may differ from one person to another.
How about you?  Do you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?  Have you had Lasik eye surgery before or are you planning on getting one soon?

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