Long Lost Friends No More

by - Tuesday, May 01, 2012

As I grow old, life brings me to places I’ve never thought I’ll see and experience new adventures.  Along my journey, I meet new people, make new friends and have sadly lost quite a few.  Searching for my dear long lost friends has not been easy but with the help of technology, I have been able to reconnect with some of them.  An impressive huge percent of the people I’ve met from kindergarten to college, as well as the people I’ve worked with for four years are now trying their luck overseas [include me in the list!].

Facebook, Yahoo Messenger and e-mail are my favorite ways to connect with the people closest to my heart.  Because these options are free to use, communication is constant and unlimited.  We talk about the past most the time and make fun about it.  We also chat about the present and of course what tomorrow might bring.  Aside from family, our jobs and carries are our favorite subjects.  As a pharmacist, I’ve been asked a gazillion times by those who are now living in the US if I’ve tried applying for Texas medical jobs [http://www.txrecruiters.com/search-for-positions/] at some point in my life.  I haven’t.  Most of them are actually in shock upon knowing that I have decided to try a new career for a change [culinary arts] and at the age of 33, still unmarried [but taken] and without a child.  Future reunions have also been planned.  All thanks to the internet!  We’re long lost friends no more!
with Nets
With Nets, my bessy since high school.  She now resides in Florida.
We communicate usually through FB chat and Viber [free call and text]

FYI: I have recently learned about East Texas medical jobs so check for vacancies and submit your CV if you are interested.

How about you?  Have you found your long lost friends?  Have you been to reunions?    How do you keep in touch?

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