The Plan for a Better Home

by - Friday, May 18, 2012

After having a long Yahoo! chat with my family, we have decided to start saving for a new house.  Hopefully, my family [mom and two brothers, a dog and four cats] will be moving to a cozier home sometime late next year.  Although they love the apartment where they are staying for the time being [friendly neighbors, nice environment and cheap rent], we believe that investing money on a decent house and lot within the downtown area is a smart idea for the future.

Since we own a huge lot [almost 600 sq.m.] in another location [Davao City], we have also discussed the possibility of having a house built in it as soon as possible.  Most probably, this plan will take place even earlier than the house and lot project in Quezon City.  Because the lot is already on standby,  all we have to do is to come up with the design, calculate the materials needed, outline the financial flow, hire people and in a couple of months, the house’s first floor is already ready for occupancy.

The house that we have in mind is not that grandiose.  It is not going to be as luxurious as brentwood homes [] but somehow, we will be drafting a little inspiration from this property in California:
brentwood homes
Three floors plus a functional rooftop - the plan.  It might sound very expensive but we will be constructing one floor at a time.  Slowly but surely, as they say.

If everything goes as planned, my boyfriend and I will not be needing to stay in a hotel whenever we fly home to the Philippines for a vacation.  One floor is going to be for us!

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