Basic Summer Hair and Skin Care Tips

by - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting hair treatment and going to skin spa salons cost a great deal of money especially if you residing in Sweden.  I have to say that I am one of those very  lucky ones who have healthy hair and skin despite the season.

Don’t get me wrong, I also have those bad hair and skin days but with the products designed for my hair and skin type, good days are back on track.  Oh - and I do not iron my hair.  I have done that twice.  It resulted to my hair being so dry.  No more hair iron for me since then.

Summer is just around the corner and because those steaming summer months can make your hair and skin really dry and dull, here are a few hair and skin care tips I practice to avoid those expensive salon treatments:

Salt and chlorinated water and the sun’s heat can damage the health of your hair.  A long day in the beach or a stroll in the park is enough to make your crowning glory fragile and brittle.  That does not mean that you have to skip having a good time.  It’s summer!  Everyone deserves to have fun so take pleasure and enjoy every moment of it.  Just do not forget to find time to rejuvenate and hydrate your hair afterwards!

1.] Get yourself a nice brand of mild shampoo and an intensive conditioner - products you believe in, brands that are proven to work well for your specific hair type.
2.] Give your hair and scalp an oil massage if possible every night before hitting your pillow.  A few drops of baby oil or better yet a drop of Argan oil for hair to help repair damaged, dull summer hair.
3.] Treat yourself for an after-sun hair masque at home at least twice a month.  Why not make it your twice-a-month activity with your girlfriends?  Sounds awesome, huh?

Summer is the only season when you are free to wear light clothing, be sexy and show off your beautiful skin.  You wouldn’t want to wear flaky, sandpapery skin, right?  Keep your skin healthy and glowing despite the summer heat.  Read on!

1.] Buy yourself a new bottle of sunscreen.  Throw away the old ones you are hiding inside your cupboard.  Come on!  You know your skin deserves a fresh start.  By the way, do not forget to put it into use, too!
2.] Remember to keep your lips moisturized and protected by applying lip balms with sun protection factor [SPF].  Believe me, peeling lips are not fun at all.
3.] Give your face and neck the vitamin E massage they are worthy of.  A drop or two of oil of morocco for example, can give your skin the care it needs.
4.] Get rid of those ugly dead skin cells.  Exfoliate at least once a week.  You will definitely appreciate the on-the-spot difference.
5.] When at home, moisturize.  Keep a bottle of lotion or a jar of body butter near you.  Apply your skin moisturizer of choice every now and then on your feet, arms, legs while watching telly, listening to music or reading a book.  It does pay off, trust me.

There you go!  Have a fun-filled and healthy 2012 summer!

*Photo credit: www.arganoilshop.com

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